Who are we?

We’re Tracks 4 Change. A small group of people with a big passion for music, young people and making a difference.

Why are we doing this?

We know young people have a lot to say but sometimes feel like they don’t know the way to make their voices heard. We want to empower these young people to make a difference in the world through the power of music. After all, one clever lyric can pack more punch than a long-winded speech by a politician.

We’re on a mission to help young people show any doubters that they care about the society they’re part of. We want to make it worthwhile for young people to exercise their right to vote in the future.

Our partners


Officially the UK’s Best Major Festival. Unofficially the most fun place on the planet, home to 50,000 party-loving people for one wicked weekend a year.

Bite The Ballot

Bite the Ballot. A charity that empowers young people to take a stake in society, get involved with decision-making and encourages them to play a role as an active citizen.


A Movement founded in early 2014, aiming to reboot democracy by giving people a reason to engage, when before they had none. I Can Have A Say is the Promoter and Sponsor of Tracks 4 Change – the first ICHAS project – focused on empowering the youth demographic.

Our Founders

Hector KierFounding Director
Hector is a Co-Founder and Godfather to a bunch of highly energetic and successful young people who believe passionately in democracy and helping the world to become a better place for all.
Lizzie Ball
Lizzie BallCo-Founder, Violinist, Producer, Mentor
Lizzie Ball is an internationally acclaimed violinist (and vocalist), concert producer, innovator and mentor, working in multiple styles of music, with her roots firmly in classical. She founded her own brand of ‘musical democracy’, a classical fusion called “Classical Kicks”, in 2012.
Lia Loewenthal
Lia LoewenthalCo-Founder and Production Manager
Lia freelances in the music industry as a publicist, logistics and event coordinator. She is very passionate about empowering young people to have their voices heard through music.
Will Best
Will BestCo-Founder and Presenter
Will is a music and youth focused TV presenter, and one of the co founders of music sharing site audiosplitter.fm. With a clear passion for music, and a desire to get more young people engaged in democracy and shaping their own futures, the chance to get involved with Tracks 4 Change was one he simply couldn’t resist!
Natasha Hanckel-Spice
Natasha Hanckel-SpiceCo-Founder & Youth Consultant
Natasha is a creative marketeer with a passion for making a difference in the world. She has spent the last few years developing and running campaigns for Livity, a purpose first youth marketing agency, and acted as an independent consultant on Tracks 4 Change.
Jess Bridgman
Jess BridgmanCo-Founder
Jess is a researcher who specialises in education policy, she advises the team on political strategy.
Sarah Kier
Sarah KierCo-Founder
Sarah paints theatre sets for shows on and off the West End. She got involved with ‘I Can Have a Say‘ because she had a desire to change our political system by sharing knowledge. She came up with our name and led our ICHAS website development.
Fleur Cowan
Fleur CowanFriend
Fleur is an American diplomat based in London and helped out in her private capacity as a friend and advisor to the team
Michael Sani
Michael SaniPartner and Social Entrepreneur
Michael is the CEO and co-founder of the leading UK democracy movement Bite The Ballot, empowering young and marginalised citizens across the UK to #TakePower and engage in politics. Michael’s success in engaging figures such as Jamal Edwards and Tinie Tempah in youth democracy made Tracks 4 Change a clear fit for him and the movement to support!
Chris Gabbitas
Chris GabbitasLegal Adviser, Singer, Producer
Chris is both a lawyer and a double Grammy Award-winning singer and producer. He switched from litigation to the world of commercial media law, combining his touring and recording commitments, at well-known media law specialists Clintons Solicitors. Chris is delighted to be helping highlight the need for the UK’s youth to vote!

How can you get involved?

Spread the word. Tell your mates, tell your teachers, tell your MP, heck, even tell your Nan.

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